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Menopause and hair loss explained

In a world where it’s common to judge someone based on their beauty, it’s understandable that any person who find the traits of themselves that grant both self-esteem and self-confidence taking a negative turn is a sure-fire way to end up miserable. It is however, important to note that no matter how confident a person […]

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Nadia Sawalha Upset After Revealing Her Perimenopause Hair Loss

Nadia Swalha, TV’s Loose Women celebrity has posted a Facebook video revealing her struggles with perimenopause hair loss.  52 year old Nadia stood in the bathroom after a shower intending to talk about a hair product but got upset as she began to confess how difficult it is to deal with her hair loss after years […]

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Hair Loss during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing experience and something you will remember forever. However, it can also bring stress and worry due to unexpected side effects and symptoms that you don’t know the severity of. For example, frequent nosebleeds during pregnancy are common but will be quite unnerving if you weren’t prepared for them.

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