Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss if you are a man or woman can be equally as distressing. Below we have detailed what causes female hair loss and male hair loss.

What causes female hair loss?


Female hair loss can happen at any age and can be due to a variety of conditions and reasons. Just a few of these can be:

Your first step

If you are experiencing more hair loss than usual then we recommend you should first visit your GP for a diagnosis. Your GP should carry out test to try and identify the cause of hair loss.

He/she may refer you to a dermatologist. Once you have eliminated all known causes of female hair loss or you have diagnoses but no medical treatment is possible, then our studio is your next step.

What causes hair loss in men?


In the case of male hair loss generally speaking, it is genetic. What causes hair loss in men is the result of a chemical called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This builds up around the follicle and kills both the follicle and hair. This is commonly known as male pattern baldness and represents 90% of all hair loss cases.

It’s the hair follicles resistance to DHT that is inherited from your parents and grandparents. If you have family members who are thin or thinning then the chances are you will experience some degree of hair loss – either a receding hairline or thinning hair at the crown.

Although you have been dealt this genetic disadvantage, there is an alternative to inevitable baldness. We give you the opportunity to take control and restore your hair loss correct what nature gave you in a safe, painless 100% guaranteed way.

There may also be a medical problem which is causing hair loss to happen.  This can include things such as:


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