Hair Loss Treatment For Women

Hair loss in women can be distressing as many women feel their hair is a mark of their femininity. Our non-surgical solution gives you the option to have the hair you require whether that is short, long, wavy or a specific colour. No matter what your age or ethnicity, we will give you a natural looking head of hair.

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What The Hair Growth Treatment Involves


The entire process from hair washing right through to blow dry is carried out in a cubicle for maximum privacy.  Our highly trained staff will make you feel comfortable and at ease during the whole appointment, they see all types of hair loss all day every day!  Once you have your new hair system you will need to come for maintenance appointments in the same way that you would visit a hairdresser.  The hair system can be dried as you normally would and you can carry on doing sports, including swimming.

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Every hair system is completely unique and customised to you so every quote we give is designed for each individual but we have included a rough price guide to give you an idea.  We are mid-priced in the market and this is why:

  • The quality of hair provided and the implementation makes it look 100% natural and not an ‘add on’ to your hair
  • Our staff have have worked in the industry since the 1980s and are therefore highly trained in cutting and bonding hair to give a natural look.  The qualification it takes to do this is very different to a regular hairdressing one and takes years to perfect.
  • Hair growth has become more popular lately and franchises have sprung up because of this and customers are having to pay a cut to the franchise owner as well as the person providing the service.  We are privately owned, have a reputation to uphold and are competitively priced whilst not compromising the end result.  Quality is at the heart of what we do.

If you want to get it right first time, consider choosing the Hair Growth Studio.


£1200 one off fee (your individual quote will be relative to length & density).


£56 – £79 per visit. We recommend coming once a month to keep your hair looking great.


For many years now Michelle and Lisa have given me a most professional service, always friendly and caring, simply excellent!


Paula Goergen

Review As Seen On Google

This is my second time trying a hair system. I tried one last year but I was not ready for it psychologically. I had my new one fitted last week and I am very happy with the Revive ladies system. For the first time, I am wearing my hair a bit longer and I am liking it very much :). I am feeling more confident and it looks very natural. Thanks to Lisa for all her support and a particular thank you to Debbie who did a fantastic job at fitting and cutting it into a great shape.

Lynzi Sklair

Review As Seen On Google

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