Success Stories: Mark Gibson

Mark Gibson


“Replacing my hair changed my life more than I ever imagined.”

If you are like me, your male pattern baldness began in early adulthood. Although your family and friends told you it didn’t matter, you really hated male pattern baldness. After all, it makes you look older before your time.

In today’s youth-orientated world, competition is tough in both business and personal lives. A young, virile appearance is extremely important. It gives a person the confidence to get out there and win. There is no doubt that hard work and a good personality are the keys to success, but if you suffer from male pattern baldness you are going to lose that added edge.

It’s hard to admit, but looking good is as critical as feeling good.

For me, the decision to do something about my male pattern baldness was a major psychological step. However, my anxiety eased after seeing what the gradual treatment could do for me. The sophisticated new approach amazed me. I had never realised that such treatments were possible. I’d been put off in the past by bad hair treatments I’d seen in the streets. Only when it was explained to me that it is only the bad hair treatments you notice, I realised that good hair treatments are all around us. We just don’t notice them.

It was over 18 years ago since I took the step to free myself from male pattern baldness. In my case I wasn’t surprised at what the treatment did for my appearance. I expected that. What I didn’t expect was it to change my spirit, my attitude and my feelings about myself.

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