Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Hair loss in women can be distressing as many women feel their hair is a mark of their femininity. Our non-surgical solution gives you the option to have the hair you require whether that is short, long, wavy or a specific colour. No matter what your age or ethnicity, we will give you a natural looking head of hair.  The standard hair system is £500 – you can claim a vat exemption if hair loss is caused by a medical condition.

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How We Do It

Women sample collection

We take a sample of your existing hair in order to create new hair which matches your natural hairs colour and texture

Women wig fitting

We apply the new hair to a skin membrane and then bond this to your existing scalp, no surgery Involved!

Women complete

So that we can give you a completely natural and feminine look, the skin membrane includes holes where we can integrate your own hair in with the additional hair to give you a beautiful head of hair

Women grow

We also offer TRI-BLENDING which comprises of 3 different colours to give depth, shine and natural highlights

Jade's Story

For me, losing my hair wasn't the hard bit – learning to live with it as a teenager was.

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