Hair Loss Due To Thyroid

Those that suffer from hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism for a prolonged period of time may find themselves suffering from hair loss. The hair loss tends to be all over rather than patches however if the problem is treated then the hair will tend to grow back. As it returns it may take a few months to come back and it may not always be a complete regrowth all over the scalp.

Hair loss tends to start after the first few months of thyroid disease. It has been argued that medication of the disease can cause the hair loss but it can be difficult to tell if is the disease or the medication is causing the problem.

Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

It is common for those with hypo or hyper thyroidism to have an autoimmune disease. If you do have an autoimmune disease then you are more prone to developing another autoimmune condition. These could be conditions such as alopecia areata which causes round patches of hair to fall out.

Getting Help

If your hair is falling out we do recommend that you seek help from your GP. It’s not very common for thyroid disease to make your hair fall out without having other symptoms that accompany an over or underactive thyroid. Your GP may run some tests and if necessary you may be referred to a dermatologist to review the situation.

Your Future With A Thyroid Problem

If you are losing your hair due to a thyroid problem, it is common for hair loss to be improved however it may take some months for the medication to encourage your body to start re-growing hair.

How People Cope

Many sufferers may turn to wearing scarves, hair extensions or using a skin gauze.

How We Helped Our Client

We used our Perm-a-Graph non surgical hair replacement procedure to help her.  We took a sample of her hair, sent it off to be replicated and then attached it to a thin skin membrane.  We then bonded the membrane to her scalp and pulled through her real hair to give for a natural look.





Get Help With Your Hair Loss With The Hair Growth Studio

If you have already consulted your GP and believe that our hair replacement method may be of help then get in touch and we can see how we can help. If your hair begins to regrow it is possible to reverse the hair replacement as it is a non-surgical procedure.

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