Hair Loss Due To Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time and your body is changing every day. After giving birth your body is still adjusting and this is when hair loss can happen. If it is going to happen it usually begins between one to five months after the pregnancy. It happens to as many as 50% of women after pregnancy however it is only a temporary change.

When your body is in a ‘normal’ state, 90% of your hair grows all at once and the other 10% is in what we call a resting phase. During your pregnancy more of your hair goes into a resting phase. This will not normally cause permanent hair loss or cause bald spots. Your hormones during this time are at an elevated level that promotes keeping your hair. If you are losing hair during pregnancy visit your doctor as this may be due to a lack in minerals and vitamins.

Hair Loss After The Baby Is Born

After your delivery your hormones will return to their normal levels which means your hair may fall out during this time as your hair returns to its normal cycle. Often the hair that falls out is the hair that would normally have fallen out during your pregnancy period. Your hair should return to it’s normal state within 6 to 12 months after delivery.


How Our Perm-A-Graph Helped One Of Our Clients

We take a sample of your hair and have it sent off to be re-created and put onto a skin membrane.  We then attach the skin membrane to your scalp and pull through your existing hair so it looks natural.



Worried And Need A No Obligation Chat?

If you are losing an excessive amount of hair we would recommend that you go to your GP for advice as there may be some other underlying issue causing your hair loss. If this has been inconclusive we may be able to help you get your confidence back with our non surgical hair replacement solution.

You can get in touch by filling out our online contact form or by calling 01706 620 353 to have a no obligation and confidential chat with one of our friendly team.


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