Hair Loss Due to Over Styling

Hair Loss Due to Over Styling

With so many treatments, dyes and accessories available for styling hair, it can be easy to forget about what excessive use of these products can do to the carefully balanced biological system within which your hair grows.

Hair loss due to over styling is a common occurrence for both sexes of all ages. Tools such as curlers, straighteners and hairdryers can make your hair prone to breakage, while too many chemicals including dyes and certain soaps can affect your hormonal balance and cause your hair to lose elasticity.

Hair loss due to over styling with chemicals

Chemical trauma is extremely common – especially amongst individuals who enjoy experimenting with their hair. While there are many haircare products on the market that are completely safe to use, it can be very hard for the average person to know what kind of a reaction the included chemicals will have on their hair or scalp.

Some people are lucky from physiological perspective that makes their hair more resistant to damage, but without extensive testing, it is extremely difficult to know whether you are one of the lucky few.

In the haircare world today, there is an increased emphasis on the use of organic products – however, these tend to have a shorter shelf-life than those that include preservatives. However, an individual can always purchase smaller amounts more often, than risk damaging their hair as a result of the parabens – as well as other processed chemicals such as formaldehyde – that are frequently used in hair product production.

Luckily, any damage as a result of chemical trauma can be reversed. Usually, the treatment involves a course of minoxidil to encourage the re-growth of new hair. However, it is important to note that hair re-growth slows as we age, and so if you do choose to use products that could potentially damage your hair, ensure that as you get older you use less concentrated equivalents to those used by younger people.

Hair loss due to styling tools

For those with curly hair who desire straight hair and vice-versa, the invention of styling tools such as straighteners and curlers are a gift from the gods. Unfortunately, to get the desired effect these tools work by heating the hair and drying it – even with oily hair. Excessive use of these tools will increase the chance of hair breakage exponentially and should not, therefore, be used as part of an everyday grooming ritual and never more than twice a week.

If you do use these tools frequently, experts advise that you only use them on a low-to-medium setting, and that you always use a heat-protective serum or spray on your hair before you do so.

Hair loss due to over styled hair

Many people believe that hair is alive, but this is not quite true. So, once it is damaged it must fall out in order to be replaced by fresh growth.

When hair is styled in a ‘tight’ fashion such as a ponytail, the elastic that holds it in place can cause hair loss by promoting too much tension on both the hair itself and the root. This will be most noticeable around your crown and temples. The same is true for hair extensions, which often leads to finer, less dense hair due to the disproportionate strain being placed on the shaft of the hair.

For those with fine hair, experts suggest that you focus less on styles that require longer hair, and instead concentrate more on layering your hair in a shorter fashion.

Hair damage can also occur as a result of extreme brushing, causing further strain. This, however, can be extremely hard to gauge, as brushing too little can prevent the shedding of older hair – preventing fresh, new and healthy hair from growing in its place.

Haircare specialists will always advise you never to neither brush wet hair straight out of the shower, nor blow-dry it until it has naturally dried a little. And when you do brush it, you should ensure that you use a high-quality brush that can stimulate the scalp, or simply by using a de-tangling treatment alongside a wide-toothed comb.

If you are worried that you are suffering from hair loss due to over styling, at the Hair Growth Studio, we will always be available to provide you with support as well as numerous effective therapies to help you recover. So, please book a consultation with the Hair Growth Studio if you’d like personally-tailored advice from an expert.

How We Helped Our Client

We used our Perm-a-Graph non surgical hair replacement procedure to help her.  We took a sample of her hair, sent it off to be replicated and then attached it to a thin skin membrane.  We then bonded the membrane to her scalp and pulled through her real hair to give for a natural look.





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