Hair Loss Due To Heat Damage

Hair Loss Due To Heat Damage

As styling technology progressed over the last century, small appliances and accessories that had only previously been available to commercial businesses slowly found their way into the consumer market. Items such as curlers, rollers, straighteners amongst others became soon found themselves in home use by millions around the world. However, many of these devices require heat to help individuals produce the style they wish to replicate, and repeated use of them can lead to heat damage. But what is hair loss due to heat damage?

Hair loss due to heat damage can easily happen to those who use heat-based stylers regularly – causing hair to break and fall out. Luckily, hair loss due to heat damage is not permanent, and can be reversed by avoiding the overuse of styling equipment.

Why does hair loss due to heat damage occur?

Hair, just like the rest of the human body proportionally contains a lot of water. When this moisture with the structure of the hair is heated and evaporates, it leaves the hair styled in whichever position it lay when it dried out.

There are two main layers in the structure of a single hair known as the inner core and the outer coating. Within the core, there is a hollow space containing air and water, which help to provide the outside cuticle with the shine that so many people associate with healthy hair.

These layers become damaged the more often they are styled. The issue is that, if an individual wishes to have the same style repeatedly, the damage that has occured makes it harder to style the next time. This vicious cycle often continues to a point where the hair no longer has any moisture left, and the hair will not behave as the individual wants it to.

Moreover, the hair shaft in question becomes extremely delicate and is liable to break. Luckily a breakage isn’t the end of the day, and although it may lead to split ends and be harder to style for while, it will eventually recover.

If, however, a hair is exposed to heat over and over again, the hair will eventually lose all its moisture and die.

How can I fix hair loss due to heat damage?

Hair loss due to heat damage will never be permanent thankfully. This is because heat damage only affects the hair itself – not the follicle that grows the hair. For the purpose of styling, many individuals will allow any split-ends or frayed hair to grow out before being cut off. Of course, if the hair is irreparable, then the individual will have to wait until the damaged hair shaft is eventually shed, and a new virgin hair will begin to grow in its place.

There are also many methods and products that claim to speed up the repair process. As heat damaged hair is lacking moisture, using conditioners that incorporate natural moisturisers such as coconut or argan oil helps to create a shield from the elements. There are also treatments that are developed specifically for repairing damaged hair – known as damage repair oils. It is important to remember, however, that even if you find these products a little expensive, your hair will repair naturally on its own – it may just take a little longer.

Are there any safer alternative to styling to avoid hair loss due to heat damage?

While there are no alternative devices that are as effective as heat irons for styling hair, there are many things you can do to minimise the risk of hair damage while using them:

  • Keep the heat setting lower than normal, allowing for greater contact time with the hair, without burning it.
  • Using a heat protectant product before blow-drying your hear and styling will limit the amount of moisture escaping from the hair shaft.
  • Try to avoid using your heat irons as frequently, and consider adapting a style that complements this.
  • Consider using a hair mask 1-2 times weekly and leave in overnight. These masks help your hair to retain moisture and gives it a vivacious glow.

If you are worried that you are suffering from hair loss due to heat damage, at the Hair Growth Studio, we will always be available to provide you with support as well as numerous effective therapies to help you recover. So, please book a consultation with the Hair Growth Studio if you’d like personally-tailored advice from an expert.

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