Hair Loss Due To Chemotherapy

We all take our hair for granted until you face the prospect of losing it. When facing chemotherapy treatment one of the side effects commonly reported is hair loss in both men and women. The hair loss does depend on the type and dosage of medication given as to how much or how little you lose.

Why Your Hair Falls Out

Chemotherapy attacks the fast growing cancer cells but also attacks other fast growing cells such as hair roots. The hair loss usually begins within two to four weeks of your first treatment. The good news is that you can expect to regrow your hair within three to six months of the last treatment.

Measures You Can Take To Help

Try not to bleach or colour your hair and try not to use hair dryers, curlers or straighteners. Only wash your hair when you feel you need to and use a soft brush.

Make a plan for what you are going to do when the hair loss begins so you are emotionally ready. For example consider a head covering, hair cut or Perm-a-Graph solution.

What is a Perm-a-Graph?

This is our bespoke solution to hair loss. We take a sample of your hair, apply it to a skin membrane and then bond it to your scalp. We can pull your existing hair through the skin membrane to give you a full head of hair.

Below is one of our clients who we treated:



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