Hair Loss Treatments for Women

At The Hair Growth Studio, we have been aware for some time that our industry has been neglecting women, leaving those who want to maintain the appearance of a full head of hair little choice but to accept the old fashioned hair replacements such as the inflexible synthetic wig.

This is no longer acceptable to us (probably because most of the companies executives are women) and this is why we have created programs specifically for female hair loss. That allows you to have hair up to 24" inches long, that will allow you the versatility to change your style, cut, wave, colour etc... that is suitable for all ages and ethnic groups.

And of course our male programs can be equally utilised by women, giving you a choice of solutions to your hair loss never before possible.

Research has shown that female hair loss patterns differ from those of men, it diffuses in a circular rotation, from the middle of the head to the ears, nape of the neck and hairline.

This fundamental difference resulted in the necessity to develop an individually constructed permanent replacement program, that would increase the density but still allow your growing hair to be washed, styled etc., along with your new hair. Women also have more demanding requests when it comes to colour, women's hair ideally, should always be comprised of 3 different colours "TRI-BLENDING" to give depth, shine and natural highlights.

This can be extremely subtle or quite obvious, depending on personal choice. In fact some clients have hair added in a totally different colour to their own to give a streaking effect without the risk of chemically damaging their growing hair, the same process is also used to give "safe" hair extensions or to add volume, and texture, even though they have no actual hair loss.

The Hair Growth Studio now offer ladies new hair that can change your lives, giving you the opportunity to feel alive again and full of confidence and free from the embarrassment of female hair loss. Hair Growth Studio has already seen the change in our existing female clients, which range from school girls to pensioners and chemotherapy patients. We know all your questions cannot be answered here, a decision to change has to be an informed one, so call for a free, friendly, relaxed and complimentary consultation now.

“Not just for men anymore!”

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