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Become one of the thousands of UK men & women who have decided to do something about their hair loss...


"The sophisticated new approach amazed me. I had never realised that such treatments were possible."

Hair Loss Clinic Covering Manchester & Surrounding Areas

Our revolutionary techniques have kept our hair loss clinic, based in Manchester, at the cutting edge of hair replacement for over 20 years.

The good news is that our solution to the perfect hair line requires no surgery!

What we do brings back more than just your hair it can restore your confidence and self esteem. As one client said recently: "I didn't realise how much my recent hair loss affected my life, until I got it back".

By restoring your hair, you can in turn restore your confidence and self esteem and bring back the real you.

When an individual experiences hair loss it can be a very emotionally distressing time and those affected can experience a lack of confidence and feel of ugly or just a sense of being different from those around. This can lead to withdrawing from social occasions and essentially no longer enjoying life's experiences due to negative feelings. At The Hairgrowth Studio, we have spent years developing and researching one of the best hair replacement techniques available at an affordable cost and without having to go under the knife.

For a woman, hair loss can happen at any age and can be due to a variety of conditions and reasons. These range from Alopecia Areata, stress ,iron deficiency, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonal issues. Take a look at our hair loss page dedicated to women, to read more about our methods, how we can help and to browse images of past success.

The reasons for male hair loss differs to those of women and is predominantly said to be caused by genetics. Dihydrotestosterone, referred to as DHT is a chemical which surrounds the follicle and attacks it and the hair itself killing it and causing male pattern baldness. Take a look at the hair loss page for men for some insightful information.

We are confident that we can help you with your hair loss, we have received a lot of great feedback from customers whose lives have changed due to using our product. We are proud members of the American Hair Loss Council and we can give you a hundred per-cent guarantee that you will have a natural and healthy looking head of hair at the end of the procedure that feels as good as it looks!

Our hair loss clinic is based in Heywood, Manchester. If you are looking for hair replacement, please contact us in confidence today for a free consultation on (01706) 620353

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