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Karl Pilkington Gets Confidence Back With Hair Replacement

Hair loss is something that is not always spoken about in such a public way, however TV presenter Karl Pilkington has brought the issue to light by trying out hair replacement therapy on his show ‘The Moaning Of Life’.   He said that it shouldn’t really matter that he has lost his hair however having hair replacement therapy has made a big difference to him.  You can see his transformation here:

He said he was taken back to his old hair days where he woke up with a bed head, washed it in the shower and used a hair dryer.

He was inspired to try the hair replacement by TV presenter Chris Evans (Top Gear, TGI Friday) who confessed to putting drops on his head that encouraged hair regrowth.  It is likely that he will have used minoxidil or finasteride which are the only approved hair growth drops by the MHRA and FDA.

Hair replacement is a very simply procedure whereby a sample of your hair is taken so it can be re-created.  It is then attached to a skin membrane which is then glued to your scalp.  The hair is then cut and your confidence is restored.

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