Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Hair loss can be just as distressing for men as it is for women. Hair loss in men can be caused for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is genetics.

We offer a non-surgical hair loss treatment for men which provides a safe solution which will bring your hair back slowly over time rather than overnight.

Our solution attracts customers from all over the UK to our clinic in Manchester to get the high quality results they deserve. The cost of a standard hair system is £500. Why not start your journey today by booking a FREE initial consultation with our friendly staff now.

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How We Do It

Men sample collection

We take a sample of your existing hair in order to create new hair which matches your natural hairs colour and texture

Men wig fitting

We apply the new hair to a skin membrane and then bond this to your existing scalp, no surgery Involved!

Men complete

We start off small to offer gradual treatment for ultimate discretion as it simulates natural growth

Men grow

Grow not just your hair, but your confidence and well being. Be the man you once were

Mark's Story

Replacing my hair changed my life more than I ever imagined.

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