Frequently Asked Questions

What are the success rates?

We give you a 100% GUARANTEE that you will have a natural and healthy looking head of hair at the end of the procedure that feels and acts as good as it looks. If you are not 100% satisfied with the results when you see them, you do not have to complete the financial arrangement. What that means to you is, you can have your lost hair replaced without any reservations whatsoever.

I’m only starting to lose my hair, should I wait?

No, the more you have the less noticeable the change will be. We can always add further hair if you continue to go bald, this way you will always maintain a balanced appearance, keeping you looking at your best at all times.

Isn’t the whole idea unnatural and vain?

Is it vain to cap your teeth? Wear contact lenses or dress smartly? Of course not. Today we are open minded enough to realise and understand that anything that will better our appearance or more importantly our well being and self esteem, is worthwhile. We re smart enough to realise that nature sometimes makes mistakes and in our modern world there are ways to correct them.

Am I psychologically ready?

You are as ready as you will ever be. If you are hesitating, the more hair you lose, the harder the decision will become, that is why single strand PERM-A-GRAPH was developed, to make it easier on you. The fact that you are viewing this web site shows you want to improve your appearance, so do it now and don’t go through the trauma of further hair loss.

How will I feel?

In a word fantastic not only will you have more hair but you will have hair you can style to take full advantage of your own natural features. You will look and feel years younger, full of confidence with you appearances complete again.

How should I style my hair?

Surprisingly enough, some men are not sure what to do with their new found hair, particularly those who have been bald for some time. During consultation we will discuss all suitable hair style options. We take many factors into consideration, lifestyle, age, ethnicity. If for some reason you wish to change you hair style in the future, feel free, variation of style is no problem.

What will people say?

All they can say is you look great! In most cases people won’t even realise that it’s your hair that’s changed, they will just notice an improvement in your appearance, and they usually think you’ve had your hair professionally styled.

n situations where the client’s hair loss is extensive and the choice is to replace the hair all at once, the reaction is the same “you look years younger” you should have done it years ago! In a short time people will forget you ever had a hair loss problem. Its human nature that we respect anyone who improves himself. If some of your teeth fell out and you had them replaced, people would say how much better you looked and think nothing of to; the same can be said with hair.

What will my investment be?

This varies depending on how much hair you want replaced and how gradually you choose to replace it. You may determine this at a complimentary informal consultation but rest assured our hair replacement is affordable to everyone.

Is special care required?

Treat your new hair the same as you would your own hair. Shampoo and condition, Gel, use wax leave hair to dry naturally or use a hairdryer to style the choice is yours. Feel free to swim, play sport, whatever your lifestyle demands. Once completed hair growth studio makes itself available to take over all your hair care needs, visit us like your own hair salon.